ARC Finance Airdrop: $2000 worth $ARC

🚀 Airdrop: ARC Finance
💰 Value: $2000 worth $ARC
👥 Referral: +1 Entry
📅 End Date: 6th May, 2022
🏦 Distribution Date: TBA

Go to the Airdrop Page:

📖 Step-by-step guide:
🔹 Follow ARC Finance on Twitter
🔹 Follow DeGame on Twitter
🔹 Retweet the post
🔹 Join ARC Finance & DeGame Discord Server
🔹 Join ARC Finance & DeGame Telegram Group
🔹 Invite your 3 friends
🔹 Submit your BEP20 Wallet Address

📃 Information:
ARC Finance is an AUM-based liquidity market capitalization management platform that allows users to achieve effective high-yield liquidity management.

🌐 Website:

📢 Notes:
💎 Rewards of $40 worth $ARC will be distributed to top 50 participants with most entries.
💎 Make sure to complete all tasks to receive the rewards.

Disclaimer: Please do your own research before joining to any airdrops project, also airdrop is 100% free. Don’t send any fee or penny for receiving airdrop tokens. Just join airdrop for free.

Get more value Airdrop, we don’t post on Medium at here: Website: and Telegram Channel:



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New Airdrop Crypto

New Airdrop Crypto

Get more value Airdrop, we don’t post on Medium.